Saturday, June 22, 2013

Some things never go out of style

Such as SQL I guess. And nerdiness and vi and emacs. Not to mention new potatoes!
Yes, Swedish new potatoes. To be honest, this was the first batch this year, but this was the first proper batch for me, with Dill and some salt and eaten with some butter and an extra pinch of salt. Yummy, better than candy! And yes, this was yesterday, on midsummer eve!

And not only are the potatoes a tradition, my blog about them is one too I guess, and for you newcomers, this started out in MySQL days with a mailing to and when I left MySQL in 2010, I have continued this as a blog.

And as a final word, this years new potatoes were just as good as ever. My twins are real cute and love them dearly, but they do take a lot of time and energy from me and the wife (in particular the wife), but on the other hand, we have someone to pass the new-potato-tradition on to.

And maybe some of you was thinking there was going to be any potatoes this year. Well, you were wrong, the blog about them was just a bit late.

Cheers folks, and have a great summer