Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Is it just me who want to search? Is google dead? Or?

I really like the idea of Planet MySQL. Lots of good information in one place, for reference and for news and what have you not. But why, in heavens name, can I not search?

It's not that I cannot use Google, if needed (and if you do, search for site:, not for, although both URLs gets you to Planet MySQL, the latter will find.. Nothing (the first is the "real" URL also).

Maybe, if I could ask for something more, would it be possible to have a means of categorizing all the posts, at times, there is just too much stuff going on. I don't think anyone can keep up with and read all the posts. Even myself I blog on different aspects of MySQL and OSS. This would surely add a level of organization. How this would work, I don't know for sure, but it would be nice.

And also, maybe just a means of looking at the blog overview in some different ways, like showing just the subject, but showing a few more per page.

Feeling picky and groovy


Morgan said...

I think that's just one of the problems with blogs - they have a timeliness factor and aren't living or iterative works like a wiki.

There will be a high signal to noise ratio in search, as people tend to blog about a particular bug/feature they are working on, and 1 year later it doesn't matter any more.

Still, it wouldn't be too hard to add Sphinx search to Planet MySQL.

Karlsson said...

A simple search, that also included the ability to search on anything after or before some date, and a wildcard search on subject and author.
And while I'm at it. Why can't I have a list of all bloggers on Planet MySQL.
As I said, I like Planet MySQL, but there are a few things that would be nice to have added to it...


Dups said...

Yup working on all these issues currently. Hoping to extend the google search appliance we have for onto, listing of all active bloggers to be added, tagging of blog entries also being added.

Am currently addressing the fact that we have very non-functional administration screens behind the scenes for planet and getting those out of the way (very simple to do).

I'll have more on my blog as each feature is added to planet or elsewhere as I get them done, the administration stuff to help all this is also important.

Sergey P. said...

> And also, maybe just a means of looking at the blog overview in some different ways, like showing just the subject, but showing a few more per page.

Isn't that what one can easily get with any RSS reader (and yes I believe there are web-based rss readers)

Without RSS readers, there is

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