Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Editing SQL for MySQL with SciTe / Scintilla

This is just a brief announcement that the popular Open Source text editor control Scintilla, and the SciTe editor, which is a text editor based on Scintilla and part of the same project, these days properly supports MySQL Syntax.

Scintilla has supported generic SQL for quite a while, but this was heavily influenced by Oracle, and for example MySQL procedure code and folding didn't work properly. This has been fixed to an extent now, and there is a MySQL specific lexer that I contributed. This has been part of my own MyQuery tool since version 2.0, but that is a special version with the MySQL lexer patched in, but this patch is now included in the standard Scintilla and SciTe.

And just so you know, although my MyQuery tool is Windows only (yes, this is still the case), Scintilla and SciTe is not, they support Linux, GTK, Windows etc. So you can always use SciTe if you are on Linux, and get proper MySQL code folding etc.

Hacking away at MyQuery


Gerry said...

You should consider using Bluefish (look it up on your favorite Linux repository) as an editor. It has syntax highlighting for several languages, including SQL. It's also very easy to adjust it's configuration to make it more MySQL friendly.
My $02

Karlsson said...

Sure, I welcome all ideas, I'll have a look at it. And I have to admit, I'm not a big SciTe fan. But I DO like Scintilla, and using it in my own project is just great, it's very stable and functional and all that. So if you need a SQL Editor control in your project, Scintilla is way cool. SciTe, well maybe, some people like it.
I will make a GTK version of MyQuery eventually, but just adding featres to my current Windows-only MyQuery is taking all my available extra time.

All the same, thanx for the input, I'll check it up!


Unknown said...

I am curious how MySQL code looks like, do you have a screenshot of it with some random SQL contents?

Just checking if I should prefer Scintilla over SynEdit, in HeidiSQL.