Wednesday, July 29, 2009

MyQuery 3.0 Alpha available now!

MyQuery 3.0 is now available, as 3.0.0 Alpha, for download from Sourceforge. I am aware that this is probably surprising for many MySQL users, as the original plan was to release 2.4, and now we end up with 3.0 instead, which is the reverse of what MySQL is up to now (going from 6.0 to 5.4).

Now,. jokes aside, the reasons for 3.0 instead of 2.4 is that 3.0 really contains a whole bunch of new features and bug fixes. Among the cool new features are:
  • Tabbed editing - This allows you to edit several files at the same time, in different tabs. The old "History" function is still there, although of less use now I guess.
  • Dual connections - MyQuery can now keep two connections active at the same time, one for issuing queries, and one for controlling the whole thing. This allows the controlling connection, for example, to issue a KILL QUERY if you have a long running query that you want to stop.
  • Status monitors - You can now monitor global and session status easily, and I have included "lap time" and "total time" monitoring, and some nifty means to choose exactly what status you want to see.
  • MySQL Statements monitoring - This shows statements from SHOW PROCESSLIST, both in just a plain processlist format, as well as a specific dialog which keeps a history of statements, having any literals removed. You want to check up which statements are running most and takes most time? This is the feature for you (although this is not as effective as the MySQL Enterprise Monitor Query Analyser, as the latter will track all queries, even ones that are very short, whereas I poll SHOW PROCESSLIST).
  • Dictionary dialogs - Dictionary for tables and routines, that you may use as reference and to get at the CREATE statements for them, copying them to the editor or to the clipboard.
  • Non-modal dialogs - One thing that the multiple connections allows me to do is to have multiple windows open at the same time, without them blocking each other. I use mutexes to control access between different windows sharing a connection also.
  • Keyboard accelerators - These were there before also, but now there are more of them, and they are configurable by the end user.
  • Editor keyword files - The keywords used by the editor for syntax highlightning are now configurable, by placing them in "keyword files". You may have several different sets of keyword files, and easily change between them.
In addition to the above, I have refactored a few things to make things work better, and some features which have been there before has been fixed up. This goes for example for the Auto-reconnect feature, which has been there for a while, but which never worked really well. Now it works better, and is easier to maintain.

As for this being an Alpha version, this is based on it not being 100% feature complete yet. Also, there is still a fair amount of testing to do. The features to add before GA are a few more dictionary views, and the testing them of course.

If you test it, and get a crash, there is now a crash handling feature included. This will bring up a dialog and an optional emailing Window, allowing you to send the dumpfile to me. Feel free to attach that file and drop it off to me, but it may turn rather large, possibly.

Happy SQL'ing

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