Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Released: MyQuery 3.1 Beta

MyQuery 3.1 is now ready for download from Sourceforge! There is a bunch of cool features, but the theme was Convenience and DBA Features. On top of this, UTF-8 support has also been added, not in a terribly advanced way, but it should work for most needs.

Among the new features are:
  • Events dialog to manage MySQL events
  • Much enhanced Drag-and-drop support. Drag a tables, index or column from the dictionary window to the editor, and the CREATE statement will be pasted for you.
  • SQL variables dialog, with helptext and manual links for most variables.
  • SQL Profiling support, including the ability to compare the profile of two different queries.
In addition, there has been some bug fixes, memory leak fixes, and as usual (you are sitting down now, right), updated documentation. I still have a few things to add, like online documentation, some NDB features and stuff like that, but MyQuery is getting pretty feature packed now, in particular when it comes to DBA features.

There are three different download files available from Sourceforge as above:
  • A pdf - Documentation.
  • - The binary installer for Windows, including a setup program and the documentation pdf.
  • - The full sourcecode.
I want to add a few things in next release:
  • Support for the InnoDB pluging INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables, including a lock graph.
  • Support for NDB objects, such as tablespaces and stuff.
  • A few wizards.
  • Support for other storage engine specific features.
  • User and authorization management dialogs.
But that is for version 3.2, which will be a while. Keep me posed with any suggestions, ideas, bugs etc.



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