Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Speaking at the MySQL UC...

I will be speaking at the MySQL Conference & Expo in April (The conference is on April 11 - 14 see more info here: The subject for my speach is Large datasets in MySQL on Amazon EC2 and this is pretty appropriate. If you have been reading my blog before, you might know that we run all our systems on Amazon here at Recorded Future, and to be honest, at first I wasn't impressed. Then I learned to live with it, and now I'm a convert!

But I think Amazon might have done a bad job at selling and presenting this service to the world. The pro's are not what people think (cost, for example), and there are cons you didn't expect either. What the real issue is to get the right software that is at least to some extent EC2 aware. Yes, you run on your choise of operating system (we are on Ubuntu), and yes, it sure looks like your standard Linux box out there, but a bit more flexible. But this is not the whole truth.

The key in EC2 is the E as in Elastic. Here, in our EC2 environment, I want software that can scale. A lot. Here, I want software that is flexible (can be started, stopped, moved, extended, reconfigured). Here, I do NOT want a distributed, but static, clustered system.

So, see you in Santa Clara in April!


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