Monday, March 7, 2011

What? An iPad2? Me?

I got my iPad about a year ago, long before they were available here in Sweden (I got mine in the US). The iPad is a brilliant piece of engineering, it's really beautiful, and the software pretty much matches it. So now, going back to the US for the MySQL UC again, will I get an iPad2? Kaj apparently IS getting an iPad2! Well, I'm not!

Why, you ask, unless you read my views on Apple and their take om media, in which case you know why. That Apple is cencoring smut isb't something that bothers me that much, really. It bothers me a lot more that they are cencoring perferclt legit media that is not to their liking (i.e. articles that doesn't suckup to Steve Jobs, articles that claim that Anroid rocks etc). Also, it bothers me that cetain technologies are not to their liking, such as Adobe Flash (now, I'm not discussing the merits or non-merits of Flash here, I'm nt debating it it really is Steves task to determine that).

And you might say that I should get over it, and accept that fact that Apple really can do it because it's their technology. Well, tell you what, the iPad I bought is mine! And it cae with the promoise of Apps and content. And noone was saying that certain content should be censored on it. Or rather again, censorship has a certain place, for content that is harmful to someone or to society as a whole, in many cases. What I am questioning is if it is Apples taks to do this censoring? I think not.

Democrazy and free speach is important to me, and however much I admore Apple hardware, software and technology as a whole, I don't really want them to touch my content. In particular, I don't want my daily morning newspaper (Dagens Nyheter here in Sweden) to provide me with a paid-for app where they don't even say WHAT has been censored, if anything.

So, sorry Apple, but Android really rocks. 3G Wifi router built in, Flash support and much more, at a lower price...



Georgi Kodinov said...

heh, this is exactly what got me out of the iSutff and into android as well. And I've been struggling with usability problems ever since : apps going crazy in the background and eating up battery, sudden hiccups of the entire OS when you most need your phone, and unusable and poorly responding UI.
Not to forget the rarity with which updates happen if you happen to be using anything but the google's approved phone manufacturer/model.
Does it make for more enjoyable experience ?
I think not. And there's a way around censorship if you're careful. Whereas I see no way around the pitfalls of the android development model.

Unknown said...

The Android market is so much more diverse, for obvious reasons, than the iPhone market. My first Android phone was just like you describe, a decent phone but when you went a little bit beyond the standard things, stuff got a bit messy. That was an Acer Liquid.
Now I have a high-end Android (HTC Desire), still much less expensive than an iPhone. This puppy works brilliantly, Android 2.2 out of the box. I haven't even rooted it, as there hasn't been the need to. I highly recommend it to anyone!