Monday, May 9, 2011

Slavereadahead 1.3 available

Version 1.3 of Slave read-Ahead is available for download. If you don't know what this tool is about, it is a tool that runs in the background, reads the incoming replication log on a slave and converts INSERT, UPDATE and INSERT ... SELECT statements into SELECT statements and executes these before the statement in question is executed on the server, the idea being that this will "prewarm" the MySQL caches for this date, for example the rows that an UPDATE is affecting will already be in the cache when the UPDATE arrives on the slave. Because of the way replication data is read, this tool only works with MySQL5.5 and up.

Version 1.3 introduces the auto-reconnect feature. This will reconnect to the MySQL server if the connection fails. To be sure that we restart, all existing connectings are released before a reconnect attempt is made. This version also has some more log printouts, mainly operations per second.

In addition, Version 1.3 fixes a few minor bugs, and one semi-major one, which caued not all INSERT ... SELECT statements to be handled properly.


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