Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Speaking at Percona Live in London October 24-25

I'll be speaking about MySQL in the Cloud at Percona Live in London October 24-25 and this will be talk centered on our experiences of running a database setup, based on MySQL but with serveral complementary technologies, in Mamzon EC2.

I will talk about our experiences so far, we have a lot of data at Recorded Future and we are also write intensive, which is a slight difference from what you may be used to from other Web-based systems. The amount of data we have right now is in the multi Tb range, and we are growing fast. Is a could environment really useful for something like this? What does work and what doesn't?

Also, I will talk a bit on what I think the technological issues are here when using traditional servers such as MySQL and MongoDB, and how I would like it to work instead. Finally, I'll take a shot at looking at some alternatives that I have been testing recently? I like MySQL, and I have used it for many years and I support it now, but I am also a pragmatist+ Are there options and why are they interesting?

See you in London!

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