Tuesday, November 15, 2011

MyQuery 3.4.3 GA Released

I have had MyQueru 3.4.2 as beta for quite a while now. During this time, a few minor bugs has appeared, and they have now been fixed. This means I can proudly announce MyQuery 3.4.3 as GA! Download it from Sourceforge!

Except a few bugfixes, the only major change is that the NDB Monitor plugin is no longer part of the prebuilt binaries. There are three reasons for this:
  • The plugin relies on NDB API, which still is still not available from Oracle in binary form, and if they insist on not shipping these binaries, although the source exists, I have to assume they do not want me to use them.
  • I just can't be bothered to build MySQL luster form source, just to get these binaries.
  • The way Windows binaries are built with NDB is not properly documented, so I had to guess and use some trial-and-errors. This was not something I wanted to put in a GA release.
If you don't know what MyQuery is, this is a Windows-only MySQL Query tools, that concentrates on flexibility, extensibility and SQL-scripting. It has a colour coded text editor, using Scintilla and includes user-defined, if you want to, keyword lists. There are several means of extending the tool, from just running simple SQL statements to using a C API. The tool comes with complete docutemtation and API samples.



Unknown said...

http://myquery.sourceforge.net/ indicates that "3.0 Alpha" is the latest version. You might want to update that.

A screenshot would on the website or in your blog would be nice.

I will give it a try when I'm near a Windows computer.

Anonymous said...

Thanx Daniel, I forgor about tat. I'll fix it and add a few screenshots!


Unknown said...

Screenshots are there now. I'll get a better website for MyQuery up real soon.