Tuesday, October 23, 2012

MyQuery 3.5.0 available

I just made MyQuery 3.5.0 available for download from sourceforge. If you do not know about this program, this is my Windows based MySQL Query editor and database monitor program. And yes, it is Windows only.

It was a long time since I updated MyQuery, but I have been been at it for a long time, but slowly as I haven't had the bandwidth, and I have collected a few things I wanted in this release, but of all those things, many has to wait for now, as decided to add a major feature which did require a fair bit of coding and testing: autocomplete. When editing SQL statements, autocomplete for names of tables, columns etc is really useful, but it is not as easy as it sounds. What makes this a bit complicated are things like the default database (which I need to figure out for anything that is typed), table aliases and separate name spaces (which is a good thing, but makes like in this instance difficult).

Table aliases are particularly nasty as MyQuery really doesn't parse the SQL but just uses the current names of all objects. So when I type table1. you might expect a lit of all columns in the table table1 to be listed, but it isn't as easy as that as table1 might be an alias for another table. The way I manage this right now is to list all columns in all tables when I see something which looks like a table name (table1 in this case), but there is no such table (and no such database for that matter), I list all columns in all tables in the current database. This might not be what you want, but it's the best I can do right now.

To be honest, I really think autocomplete is a terribly useful feature, in particular when dealing with databases with many tables or tables with long names (such as when working with the information_schema database).

Another thing I have added in this release is a more flexible way of dealing with database status variables, which can now be organized into groups, which are easy to manage and which are persisted.

What I want to add is stuff like MySQL 5.6 information_schema additions, MariaDB specific functions and engines, JSON load and unload and some other MySQL 5.6 stuff. In addition, I'd like to do some integration with my sqlstats plugin. But now I have at least finished MyQuery 3.5.0, and I'm quite happy with it. If you have used earlier versions of MyQuery, this version also fixes a bunch of minor memory leaks and at least one crashing bug (which happened in some instances in the connect dialog).

Happy SQLing!


Anonymous said...

We have supported alias'es with autocomplete for 4-5 years in SQLyog:


6.5 release notes: "Support for alias in autocomplete. This is in continued development. Currently table alias's are supported (not column alias'es)."

6.52 release notes: "Autocomplete now supports column alias'es.".

Unknown said...


Well that might well be the case, I think SQLYog is a fine tool. But If I write a SQL like this:
Where t1 is an upcoming table alias in a FROM clause I'm about to write, then this is difficult, even if I parse the SQL as it is typed. But I admit not to parse the SQL as it is typed, so I tried to make the best of it!