Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Amazon AWS for MySQL folks - Speaking at Percona Live 2013

I'll be speaking at Percona Live Conference and Expo in Santa Clara (April 22-25 2013) and this time I'll do a different talk from what I usually do. The plan here is to be low-level dirty practical, showing stuff using the Amazon AWS API, writing scripts using them and showing how to use them together with MySQL. I have said it before and I say it again, to get the most from your cloud, you have to understand and use the unique features of the cloud environment you use.

Can you create an elastic MySQL setup on Amazon? What about HA? How can you add slaves seamlessly? And automatically? I'll try to cover and show as much of this is possible, but the presentation is far from ready so I am happy to accept suggestions on specifics to cover here. See some more details on my talk here.

Hope to see you in Santa Clara in April!



Josh Baird said...


I tried contacting you at your email address I found in some of your documentation, but it seems like the account is no longer valid. I had a quick question regarding your mysqljsonimport tool. Do you have a new email address that you would be willing to share?


jazs07 said...

Looking forward for the Percona Live Conference and Expo me and some of my friends are attending the conference to learn new stuffs and meet other people and exchange thoughts and knowledge. Anyways currently I am using for web monitoring service have you tried such kind of service before?