Friday, March 29, 2013

See you at the UC in April!

I'll be speaking at the MySQL Conference and Expo on April 22-25 in Santa Clara. On April 25 at 1:50 PM I'll be talking about using MySQL in the Amazon AWS cloud but to be honest, I hevn't done much formal preparations. I will prepare some slides here, but fact is that most of this session will be practical, hands-on stuff. Largely, I'll show stuff that I used when I was Database Architect and Admin for a reasonably large AWS installation.

Anyone telling you that Amazon AWS is just like any other environment, except that disk-I/O is slower, doesn't get it, there is much more to AWS than that. By using the services that comes as part of AWS there are loads on things you as a DBA or Devops can do to simplify and automate everyday tasks. Backups, slave provisioning, availability are things that can make really good use of AWS. So armed with an AWS account and some MySQL instances running there, I'll be showing you some real world examples.

Also, you may ask why I haven't been blogging much recently? If this worries you, I think you should get a day job. Jokes aside, I was testing MySQL replication in real life, but it sort of failed on me, and I ended up with twins alright, but one boy and one girl. These two has taken a lot of my time recently, and the joys of blogging and writing code in spare time was changed to exercising the joy of changing dipers on these little babies:

I will do some more blogging now again though, I have promised myself to do that, but I have loads of other things to do also.


6 comments: said...

Congrats on the new additions! See you in April.

Frazer Clement said...

Congratulations Anders!

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