Friday, May 17, 2013

MyQuery 3.5.1 beta released!

After a lot of fuzz, I am now releasing MyQuery version 3.5.1. This version introduces one big feature, a brand new Dictionary viewer. In addition to that, there are numerous bug fixes and the removal of one feature, which is the option to run with just 1 connection: In this version, 2 connections will always be used, and I have some good reasons to remove this as being optional, fact is, running with 1 connection was hard to diagnose, caused a lot of problems, and had no real benefit actually, just drawbacks.

So, for you Windows users, MyQuery 3.5.1 is now out there, but it is really a beta. The beta is caused by the new Dictionary viewer, the rest should be pretty stable.

Download it from sourceforge.

Happy SQLing

1 comment:

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