Friday, September 27, 2013

Optionutils 2.7 released

This is not big deal, but I have published my generic option file and commandline handler in a new version. If you have used any of my C-programs that are on sourceforge, I think you have seen that most of them use this, in one version or another. It was a long time since I did a generic upgrade of this though, and all utilities seems to have had it's own version embedded, so I have now created a version with most of the new things in it, and I have also updated the documentation.

The cool thing with this library is that it is generic and largely follows the MySQL / MariaDB style of options and config files. Handling commandline options and config files in C is otherwise something you largely have to do yourself. This little library handles all that for you, and it is also quite advanced and has many cool options, such as support for integers and string with proper type checking, array of values, a kind of associative arrays is also supported, as well as configuration files with the MySQL format.

Version 2.7 of optionutil, including full documentation, is now available for download at sourceforge.


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