Monday, March 3, 2014

MyQuery 3.5.4 Released - Now with Client side dynamic columns!

It was quite a while ago since I released a new version of MyQuery, my Windows based query tool for MariaDB and MySQL. I did build a 3.5.3 version, but I decided not to do a public release of that. But now we have 3.5.4 ready, and there is some new shiny features in it. The main feature is that the dialog that you can use to inspect individual fields with, which pops up when you doubleclick (or now you can Right-click and select Show Menu) in a field, has been expanded.

To being with, you can use this to navigate the fields, so that you don't have to close this dialog and open it in the next field, instead there are navigational buttons in the Dialog.

But there is also some additions to the dialog itself. If you are using MariaDB and the Dynamic Columns feature, which is mostly used with the Cassandra Storage Engine but can be used with any blob data in any engine, then you can view these in the ShowData dialog, either as a tree or as JSON.

Another addition is that I have upgraded help links to MySQL 5.6 and MariaDB 10. Also, a lot of MariaDB features and now syntax coloured as appropriate. Another usability feature is the ability to copy a single column from a query result to the clipboard.

Download MySQL 3.5.4 from sourceforge and enjoy!



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