Thursday, October 2, 2014

OraMySQL 1.0 Alpha released - Replication from Oracle to MariaDB and MySQL!!

Now it's time to release something useful! At least I hope so. I have been going through how I came up with this idea and how I came up with the implementation in a series of blog posts:
 But now it's time for the real deal, the software itself. This is an Alpha 1.0 release but it should work OK in the more basic setups. It's available for download from sourceforge, and here you find the source package which uses GNU autotools to build. The manual is part of this download, but is also available as a separately.

You do need MariaDB libraries and includefiles to build it, but no Oracle specific libraries are needed, only Oracle itself of course. There are build instructions in the documentation.

Cheers and happy replication folks


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