Wednesday, October 7, 2009

MyQuery 3.2.1 ready for use!

If you need an ad-hoc Query Tool for MySQL on Windows, then MyQuery might be what you aere looking for. MyQuery is an Open Source, free Windows tool, supporting colour syntax highlightning, multi-tab editing, several information, status and dictionary features and much more.

The latest release is MyQuery 3.2.1, and if you have followed the development of MyQuery, you know that the 3.x releases are focused on features and usability, and 3.2.1 has advances in both areas:
  • Much enhanced keyboard navigation. It is now possible to navigate the main window and most functions and dialogs, using only the keyboard. Tab-ing around in teh main dialog is now supported for example.
  • Enhanced Keyboard accelerators, where accelerators for almost all functions has been added, and there is now also a non-modal dynamic help dialog, ie. dynamic in the sense that is shows the current key assignments. This help may also be printed, if necessary.
  • Printing support. This was much more difficult than expected, but I set my goals high. I wanted to be able to print both script and results (the former was much easier than the latter, due to Scintilla handling most of it for me), and both at once, ie. printing a query with the results of it on one page. Also, I wanted to have some nice touches to it, like headers, framing etc. But I'm happy with the way it turned out.
MyQuery 3.2.1 is available for download from Sourceforge!

I will follow up this post with some more, detailing some of the features of MyQuery!


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