Monday, November 29, 2010

Announcement: MyQuery 3.4.1 Released

MyQuery 4version 3.4.1 is now released on Sourceforge: This is a pretty minor release with just a few fixes, but the first of them pretty significant:
  • Windows 7 User Access Control (UAC) issue fixed - When running on Windows 7, the Windows UAC would prohibit MyQuery from starting, complaining about registry access. For once, this was not yet another UAC annoyance, but an actual bug that I hadn't caught before. Now, this should work OK even on Windows 7.
  • SQL Statement normalization issues - The SQL Statements dialog got statements wrong at times, and could cause a crash. This was due to a bug in the normalization of SQL Statements and this is now fixed, including refining the normalization a bit.
  • Optionally Show SQL SELECT tool output vertically - This will turn the output from the SQL command in a SELECT tool around. This is for running statements that will produce multiple columns instead of multiple rows, such as SHOW SLAVE STATUS and SHOW MASTER STATUS. The output from these commands is weird, the multi-column layout really isn't useful, but this little feature fixes that.
Happy SQL Coding!


wlad said...

Congratulations! Looks like you figured out how to compile with client, even without /opt and /debug crap, and debug shared client library

Unknown said...

Sure I did! I already knew that. My issue was more that with a MySQL debug build, I could have helped testing the MySQL client libraries, as there are a whole bunch of new things in there (the authetication stuff I would really have liked to test and debug). As it stand, I will no longer do that.
And yes, I had to change my build-scripts for both Release and Debug builds, as stuff also moved around.


Unknown said...

Hi, Anders, from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

I just discovered your blog and your MyQuery program yesterday (29 Nov 2010). I am working my way through reading all of your previous posts. I like your writing and and concur with most of your viewpoints.

I am trying out the MyQuery program and I think it is a great tool so far.

I have a few questions and possible feature requests for MyQuery. Where would be the best place to ask you about these? Here in the comments for your blog, or in the Sourceforge support features (forums, etc.), or somewhere else?

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience, and for creating the MyQuery program. Take care.


Unknown said...


Feel free to drop me an email at