Friday, November 19, 2010

MyMonitor 1.1 released. Finally!

I know some people have used mymonitor on and off over the years, but it was a long ago since I created it, and things has moved on and changed. Among the things that didn't work well was the build process, and the fact that there were a few bugs in the normalization of SQL statements. Now this is fixed.

If you have NOT used MyMonitor, it is a small ncurses based tool for monitoring SQL statements in your server, and work by polling the PROCESSLIST and the normalizing and sorting and grouping the result. What is "normalizing" then? It's the term I use to describe the process where a statement has all the literals replaced with ? in them, so I can see that:
SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE id = 861
is actually the same statement as
SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE id = 387
And by the way, this is also the same statement as
SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE id = 177

MyMonitor can look like this in action:

You get the point I think. MyMonitor has a few more tricks up it's sleeve, like the ability to write out the monitored statements to a file and to do some simple timing on statements. All in all, this is a simple tool that can be real helpful at times. Many times less powerful than, say, MySQL Enterprise Monitor or MONYog, but still useful.

If you are wondering: No GUI needed. What IS needed though is ncurses. And Windows support? Nope, but have a look at my MyQuery project instead, it has many more features, including staement monitoring.

Download mymonitor from Sourceforge here:


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