Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hey, it's time for the MySQL User Conference again! Come see me!

And I mean that, come see me, say hello, buy me a beer (extra points!). Or even more so, come see my session at 10:50 on tuesday morning April 12. I'll be speaking on how to manage large datasets in an Amazon EC2 environment, and this is largely based on my experiences at doing just that at my new job (or new, I've been doing it for more that 6 months now) as Database Architect at Recorded Future.

This will not be an incredibly technical presentation, in terms of showing actual code and things. Rather, I will look at some of the issues when running in an EC2 environment, and how we manage it here at Recorded Future. Also, I will present a bit of how our architecture works, which is more relevant that one may thinks, as we have Cloud based architectures on mind all the time, all our development, testing and productions servers run in the cloud.

Anyway, this is going to be a lot of fun, and if you have specific requests or questions before my talk, then drop me an email at anders@recordedfuture.com.


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Gerry Narvaja said...

Looking forward to see you there. I'll buy you a beer if you buy me one too :)