Monday, April 4, 2011

MyQuery 3.4.2 available

MyQuery, the ad-hoc query and scripting tool for MySQL, as always running on Windows, supporting servers on any platform, is now available in version 3.4.2. This version has a few minor bug-fixes in the "Break long lines" plugin that cleans up SQL text, and also a few additions to this plugin.
I have not heard of any issues with MyQuery itself since I released 3.4.1, but I will not take the 3.4 version into GA until I have fixed a few more things in the "Break long lines" plugin to turn it into a more full-features SQL beautifier with a lot more features than now.
Until then though, 3.4.2 is what you want, and the Compact Spaces option in the Break Long Lines plugin that is added with this release, should provide useful.

In addition to all this, if you want to meet up and discuss this tool, then I am at your service at the MySQL Usre Conference coming up next week.

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Anders Karlsson


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And for the folks who don't use google:

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