Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cleaning up a MySQL database: mycleaner 1.1 released

The MyCleaner program, that is used to clean up data in the MySQL database that is no longer used, no longer referenced or is just unnecessary, is now available for download from in version 1.1. This new version adds a few things, like the ability to sleep between rounds, more extensive log print control, and above all, the ability to run a non-SELECT to get IDs.
The latter feature may seem weird, but in some cases it is useful, as it will allow you to select IDs into a temporary table, for example, and then use these for deleting the real data, something which can be achieved in many other ways of course, but which is still useful in some cases.

In addition, the ability to run SQL after the program having finished all other processing, has been added, to allow cleanup of temporary objects.


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