Wednesday, July 20, 2011

MySQL Installer part 2

OK, I was having too much fun in my last post on this subject, so I try again. Just to be safe i Uninstall MySQL Installer, reboot my machine, and download the Installer again. Installing it this time didn't make anything happen it seemed? No dialogs, no nothing? But it is back there in the Start menu at least... OK, Let's try that one...
Think think think.. Whammo:
Yes, I am aware this is running on Swedish Windows, but let's try it on a US Windows 7 installation....

Downloaded and tried it on this machine, and now the installer runs at least. The "configuration" step doesn't actually do much. The Connector/.NET installation still insists on not finding a download location at first, but suddenly it works. The Installer also finds old versions of MySQL, which is nice, but it doesn't seem to know how to handle that. I still get into a state which the Installer doesn't know how to get out of, and just hangs (on "Validating installation").

As there is no nice cnfiguration screen, and the VS integration plugin is not included, I don't really find this installer such an "easy to use" thingy. To being with, it will not let me choose WHERE to install things (no, I do not want MySQL on C:, even thogh may other programs are there. In particular, I do not want C: to be my drive where the database is kept! As C: is an SSD which is there to speed up booting, not to have MySQL fuzz around with it).

No, this wasn't really easy to use at all. No, it didn't help much. Yes, the interface is very nice. No, I do not think this is RC quality software.


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Karlsson said...

I have been in touch with some friendly MySQL folks now. As I said, I have had issues on two machines so far. I have reported some more details on my issues, and for now I rest assured that the talented MySQL folks can fix it, and that they are given enough time to do so.

I'll let you know if I have any news for you. Is it my machines that are weird? May so...