Monday, July 18, 2011

MyCleaner 1.3 released

Do you need to clean up your MySQL data? Maybe run regular DELETE statements that deleted rows that are no longer used or referenced? Or update rows with valid data? And possibly you want to do this is batches, so as not to interupt day-to-day operatioons? Then maybe MyCleaner is for you! This is a very configurable tool that runs a main thread that gets identifiers of data to clean, and then runs several cleaner threads to clean this up.
What statements to run, and how many, if you need to run some statement before the other statements, all is configurable. I have now released version 1.3 which is available for download on Sourceforge. As usual, full documentation is also available in PDF format.
And before you ask, no, this is not a windows tool. This is a straigtformward *x tool, licnced under the GPL and is built using the GNU autobuild tools.

Happy cleanup

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