Friday, June 15, 2012

JSON Loader version 1.1 available!


    Time for a new release of my MySQL JSON loader. I have added a bunch of features and fixed some bugs since last. So nothing revolutionary there. The program is still a C-program, using autotools to build and set up. It has been tested on 64-bit Linux (Ubuntu) but should work on other platforms too. One bugfix in particular makes a difference, I didn't really handle auto-commit the way I should in 1.0, but that is fixed now. Among the features I think that SQL retry is a useful one, as is the ability to skip over leading JSON records and the ability to run arbitrary SQL before starting to load.
    Download from sourceforge!
    Stay tuned, as I will release 1.0 of my JSON unload / export tool real soon. I have used it for a while, I'm in the process of writing some docs and cleaning up the code a bit. Once that is done, it's releasetime, which should be within a couple of days.


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