Sunday, July 1, 2012

So, what happened to the JSON unloader?

I promissed to release a complenent to my jsonload project, a json unload / export tool, in a blog post last week, but since then, not much has happened. Well, what happened was two things:
  • Amazon distracted me with all sorts of issues, downs, connectioon problems and power outages.
  • I got WAY more ambitious than I first planned to be.
You know what it is like, you really want to do the right thing, and when you start doing that you figure what the right thing really is, and it's much more featureful and performant that you had originally envisioned. But stuff is in the works, and it's pretty cool. In the process, I have introdused a few features that are such that I want to link them up to how jsonload works, so that these guys work nicely together. Also, I'm changing the names of these guys, so in the next version they will be called mysqljsonexport and mysqljsonimport respectively. And then there is the usual set of cool features, the best one, in terms of the export, is a batching feature that allows you to export really large tables that will not fit in RAM, and this feature is automatic, a logic which took some time to develop but which works real nice.

So sometime next week, if nothing else breaks, I'll be ready for an initial release of mysqljsonexport and a new new version of mysqljsonimport. So don't touch that dial just yet.


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