Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New MySQL JSON import and export tools


    My idea for a JSON based SQL schema tool that I wrote about some time ago has been on the backburner as I wanted to finish two other projects:
  • A better JSON import tool to substitute the old mysqljsonload.
  • Fix up mysqljsonexport to align it with mysqljsonimport.

These two projects are now done and the program are ready for download from Sourceforge, mysqljsonimport from here and mysqljsonexport from here. There is some serious changes to these program here, for example, the multi-threading in mysqljsonimport is now "dynamic", so that as many threads as needed (up to a user specified limit) are created to support faster loads and in case of mysqlexport, mainly this now has it's options aligned with mysqlimport. This means that now you can export and import a whole database in JSON with these tools with a single command.

As usual with my tools, there are A LOT of options and a lot of flexibility, you can specify fixed values for certain MySQL columns to import or export, and both tools also support an automatic internal increment feature. Also, MySQL columns imported may now contain MySQL functions or constants, basically anything that is allowed as a value in a MySQL INSERT can be used.

Hope you enjoy these tools, there is still a few things missing, like better documentation and more tests and stuff, and also better parallel export for mysqljsonexport, but that is for another version of these tools.

As you might remember, these tools started off as a tool to do some InnoDB, NDB and MongoDB benchmarking. I never got as far with that as I wanted to, but now I have the tools to complete those benchmarks. Also I will soon start working on a tool for that database-schema-in-JSON tool, so stay tuned to this channel folks, and don't touch that dial!



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