Sunday, July 15, 2012

JSON export tool for MySQL 1.0 available

It took longer than expected to get this ready, but I got ambitious and I also decided to introduce a reasonable test suite. But not it is done, my JSON export tool for MySQL is ready for download from sourceforge.

So, what's in there? A basic tool for exporting tables from MySQL in JSON format, that's what is there. It has some cool features, like batching (so you do not need 10 Gb of RAM to export a 10 Gb table), which by the way is automatic, the ability to export from an ad-hoc SQL query, JSON format support for BOOL and NULL values, fixed values (i.e. you can add a fixed column value to each row exported), LIMIT support, conditional export using a WHERE extension and much more.

What is missing is base64 support for BINARY and BLOB columns, and this is a shame. Currently, this data is exported as is and is supposed to be null-terminated (which they usually are not), so for any generic binary data in MySQL, the program will not work as expected. Also, there are some more minor issues to fix. There is pdf documentation to download from the link above if all you want to do is have a look at that.

I will update the JSON load tool soon, and this will have it's name changed to mysqljsonimport and will have features added to make it more compatible with mysqljsonexport, but this is a later story.


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