Friday, June 26, 2015

Oracle dump utility

I have created a small program to extract data from an Oracle database in a format suitable for importing into MariaDB (and MySQL I guess). It is pretty fast as it is written in C and uses the OCI interface. Also, it supports most of the Oracle basic types, including BLOB, CLOB and LONG. UTF8 is also supported and there are many generic features, as well as some features specific for later import into MariaDB.

Download the 1.0 version from Sourceforge where the programs source, that is using autotools for building, as well as documentation is available. I have not tested to build on any other version of Oracle than 11, but maybe someone could help me there.



alessandro fustini said...

Hi Karlsson,
why do you not use Connect Engine with ODBC Oracle connect directly to import data in MariaDb talbe(s) ? I love it for this ETL tasks!
Not so fast like OCI call but very fast to configure and use.

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