Friday, August 7, 2015

Oracle dump utility version 1.1

Today I released version 1.1 of myoradump for download from sourceforge. If you don't know what myoradump is, this is a utility for exporting data from an Oracle database in some relevant text format so that it can be imported to some other database.

The main thing in version 1.1 is that I have added a whole bunch of new output formats, so make it even easier to get your data out of expensive Oracle and into something more effective. The new formats supported are:
  • MySQL - The format of this is a bunch of INSERT statements that you get when you use mysqldump for example and is useful for import into MariaDB (and MySQL). INSERT arrays are supported as a bunch of more options.
  • JSON - This format is rather obvious, the output is a file consisting of one JSON object per row. To support binary data, which is a no-no in JSON, base64 encoding of binary data is also supported.
  • JSON Array - The format is similar to JSON, but instead of separate objects per row, this format consists of one or more JSON arrays of JSON objects.
  • HTML - This format will produce a valid HTML TABLE. This is sometimes useful when you want to view output data that includes UTF8 characters for example.
In additions, this version of  myoradump includes a bunch of new features and bug fixes. I will follow up this post with one that includes some specific examples of using myoradump eventually.

So, don't touch that dial!

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