Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The reason it's been quiet: MyQuery...

I don't know if you have used my MyQuery query tool, which is a MySQL Query and Scripting tool for Windows environments, but that is what has taken up most of my spare time recently. It started with an idea of adding a feature to be able to run any custom SQL SELECT in a non-modal dialog, for customized monitoring of MySQL.

This turned into a much more extensive custimization feature, enabling scripts, plugins, external programs and web-links to extend MyQuery. I'm now pretty close to code complete with this feature, and I think it's rather cool. But in the process of getting this done, and to enable as many features as possible in the extensions, I had to clean up quite a bit of code in other places, where things just weren't as self-contained as I had wanted them to be.

The main things that remains to be done before releasing MyQuery 3.3 is documentation, testing and some cleanup. And I don't know if you've noticed, but doing your own documentation is a good thing, as it foces you to revisit what you have done, but from another angle, and allows some silly bugs to be fixed. And if you haven't used MyQuery, you can see that although the documentation isn't the most organized around, it's pretty comprehensive.

Once MyQuery 3.3 is out the door, I'll get back to do some benchmarking and to make the promissed push for GIS features in MySQL.