Monday, January 16, 2017

Released MyMSSQLDump 1.1

My program for exporting data from MSSQL and Sybase into a whole bunch of other formats, including:
  • JSON
  • HTML
  • CSV
  • MySQL (mysqldump style)
  • MYSQL / Sybase INSERT-style
  • Oracle INSERT-style
is now released in version 1.1. There is a whole bunch of new things, most notable Oracle style export format, but also:
  • DATETIME datatype formatting
  • DATETIMEOFFSET formatting
  • Other temporal datatype support
  • Much more flexible formatting in general
  • More tests
As usual this is GPL v2 licenced and is available to download from sourceforge.

Happy SQL'ing

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Powerful MariaDB exports using MyMDBDump

You can export data from MariaDB using mysqldump and a bunch of other tools, but if you need really flexible output format, this might not be what you need. Instead, give MyMDBDump a try. This tool will export data just like mysqldump, but the output format is a lot more flexible. I urge you to test it and check out the documentation, but some if the features are, in short:
  • Dynamic column support - Dynamic columns can be exported as binary, JSON or even as SQL, where I think the latter is a pretty unique feature.
  • Oracle export format - This exports data as INSERT statements, just like mysqldump, but in an Oracle friendly way.
  • MS SQL / SQL Server format - This exports data as SQL Server friendly INSERTs.
  • Binary data formats - Supporting plain binary, base64, hex and a number of more formats.
  • Transaction support.
  • JSON export support - Including embedding dynamic columns as JSON.
  • UTF8 support and UTF8 validity checking.
  • Generated ROWNUM column output
  • FLOAT and DOUBLE formatting
  • DATETIME, TIMESTAMP, DATE and TIME custom formating.
And a lot more. Download from sourceforge.

Happy SQL'ing