Thursday, January 5, 2017

Powerful MariaDB exports using MyMDBDump

You can export data from MariaDB using mysqldump and a bunch of other tools, but if you need really flexible output format, this might not be what you need. Instead, give MyMDBDump a try. This tool will export data just like mysqldump, but the output format is a lot more flexible. I urge you to test it and check out the documentation, but some if the features are, in short:
  • Dynamic column support - Dynamic columns can be exported as binary, JSON or even as SQL, where I think the latter is a pretty unique feature.
  • Oracle export format - This exports data as INSERT statements, just like mysqldump, but in an Oracle friendly way.
  • MS SQL / SQL Server format - This exports data as SQL Server friendly INSERTs.
  • Binary data formats - Supporting plain binary, base64, hex and a number of more formats.
  • Transaction support.
  • JSON export support - Including embedding dynamic columns as JSON.
  • UTF8 support and UTF8 validity checking.
  • Generated ROWNUM column output
  • FLOAT and DOUBLE formatting
  • DATETIME, TIMESTAMP, DATE and TIME custom formating.
And a lot more. Download from sourceforge.

Happy SQL'ing

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