Friday, April 9, 2010

NoSQL or not? Database history... Come and discuss with us at the UC...

At the upcoming MySQL UC, I have a BoF on Tuesday at 7 PM on the history of databases. One things that would be interesting to discuss there is NoSQL. Is this the next great wave? If you have read my Blog before, you know that I think this is not the case, although I do see the need and use for NoSQL technologies. But my main argument against it is that sacrificing functionality and general purposeness (if that is a word), is not how progress works. Performance increases in general, without the need to compromise functionality. But I may be wrong, it has happened before (at least I think I have been wrong before, but I'm not really sure).
But in addition to this, I'd like a general debate on database history. SQL has been around for a long time, but there are other technologies out there, most of them still around in some shape or form, at least on mainframes. Network and Hierarchical databases were the first to be somewhat standardized, in the sense that they were not specific to a particular application.

And the object databases, ORDBMS and other things, where are they now and where are they going?

See you at the UC!

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kong kong said...

One year later, what do you think? NoSQL still sacrifies too much?