Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SQL Monitoring in the server

Some of you might have seen my post on the MySQL Audit API that is included with MySQL 5.5 m3 and some of you might not have. Well, the code that is part of that is real simple, it's more to show a concept than something you would want to run in your production servers. But it was an attempt to check if there was any interest in something like this. And there was.

So I will develop this further into something much more useful. I have had several comments and suggestions already, and keep those coming, and I am listening. What I will implement for sure in an upcoming first release is four things:
  • More configurability and status.
  • Means of turning the plugin on and off.
  • More data provided through the INFORMATION_SCHEMA table.
  • Some means of limiting and controlling what gets monitored, i.e. # of rows inspected, type of query executed etc.
I'm pretty excited about this, there are some cool things you can do with this. Also, I think this would be a great example of a plugin in general, as it will use quite a bit of the plug-in features. And before you ask: Yes, I will test performance and provide some numbers of the overhead of using this puppy.

So watch this space for more info.


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