Monday, October 18, 2010

Moving on, but not far

As of today I have a new employer, and I no longer work for MySQL / Sun / Oracle, instead I am now Database Architect at Recorded Future ( This is exciting stuff, really so. RF pulls data from teh Web, but instead of just allowing searching, RF will analyze what it find to spot trends and things like that.

It is still early days, we need to collect a lot more data than today, and managing that will be one of my challenges. But an interesting and fun challenge!

This doesn't mean I will not maintain MyQuery anymore, I sure will. And Recorded Future is by the way MySQL users, so I will probably work even more with MySQL related stuff than today. I will also continue to blog about what we are doing, and about other database related things as well. In particular, I will work with and blog about maintaining very large databases!

So watch this space, and see you soon


none said...

Welcome onboard!

Gerry Narvaja said...


Matty said...

Best of luck Anders. You were always our "bullshit monitor" - I will miss that !

Maria said...

Best of luck Anders. You were always our "bullshit monitor" - I will miss that .
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