Tuesday, October 19, 2010

MyQuery 3.4.0 Released!

I have not finished MyQuery 3.4.0, after a long time of weekend and spare-time development. This version adds some features that are basically Scintilla featires that I have integrated with. This includes error indicators, margin markers and some other things. In particular the margin markers changes a few things in the interface: When running up to, or continue from a point in teh script, then use the margin marker instead of the current line! If you don't like this, then don't set the margin marker and the current line will be used just like in old releases.

Another addition this release is Online help. I get the help contents from the database that you connect to, which is installed with most MySQL installations in the tables called help_xxx in the mysql schema.

External program has a few more options, and in this release the installer installs a few of those, just to show how it works, like the MySQL schema in an editor window and direct access to the MySQL commandline.

In addition to this, and a few more minor features, there is a whole bunch of bugfixes in this release, which doesn't mean that some doesn't remain. Above all, I have reengineered how I handle multiple access to the MySQL connection.

Download it from Soureforge! I will follow up this post with some more on how to use MyQuery, how to build extensions and plugins and some things like that!

Happy SQLing
PS. If you have issues with MyQuery, drop me an email, but note that I am now at anders@recordedfuture.com!

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