Thursday, October 14, 2010

MyQuery 3.4 soon to be released

I've been spending some cycles now and then on MyQuery 3.4. One thing I wanted to do with this release was to fix some long-standing bugs I knew about, but hadn't identified (Are you seeing ReleaseSemaphore errors? That's one of them). Also, I had a couple of issues with the new Plugins, as well as some ideas for new features, such as OnLine Help.

In addition to that, I also felt that the Scintilla editor controls tht I was using wasn't used to it's full potential.

As I have the new 3.4 in front of me now, I have done something about all those things. I have cleaned up some of the more recent code, I have added OnLine help, in this case I get that from the MySQL help tables. I am pretty happy with how a few more steps to integration with Scintilla could add so much more usability, Scintilla really is a great editor control with a lot of potential, I haven't reallly explored it fully yet, and there is more to do. Also, Scintilla is really solid.

What remains to be done is to test, package and publish MyQuery 3.4. This will be a Beta, but I will release a GA based on it real soon. Before that, I have one or two plugins I want to add (Replication monitoring for example). Also, I have a plan to add some more advanced error handling, using Scintilla to show erroneous text in a better way than today. But all in all, we are now close to GA.

Cheers and see you soon!

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