Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Of Oracle API's, array interface and bind variables

As we know, the MySQL prepared statements API leaves a bit to be desired, although there is a fair amount of progress. With MySQL, using the "normal" API or the prepared statement API usually doesn't have that much different in terms of performance.

When you use Oracle though, things are different. There is no separate "prepared statement" API, there is just on interface, which has a lot of functions and structures, and isn't the easiest to use, because of the complexity, but it IS very functional and performant.

If we look at the low-level Oracle interface, there used to be three of them:
  • Oracle Call Interface (OCI) - This is the the interface that is most complex, but also most functional. It is a C level interface along the lines of the MySQL C API, i.e. you still pass SQL statements, it's not a file level interface of some kind. This is also the interface that is used to build Oracle Data Cartridges (i.e. the "real" Cartridges that plug into the database and are called like stored routines).
  • Oracle PRO* - These are the Oracle Embedded SQL interfaces. And if you think that the Oracle Embedded SQL Precompilers produce OCI code, then think again, the precompilers use a different library. But they may be used together, with some work.
  • Oracle SQL*Plus API. As far as I know, SQL*Plus (which is the Oracle interactive command line query tool) used a different interface from the other two guys. This was never confirmed though, so I might be wrong here and it might have changed.
Now, using any of the two public API's above, OCO or PRO* (C, Fortran etc), you nearly always use what are prepared statements in MySQL. Why? Because Oracle is pretty slow at parsing and optimizing statements, and also because that when you work with Oracle, you tend to write rather complex SQL (as the SQL Syntax is a bit more rish and because this is what a macho Oracle developer is supposed to do. Write complex SQL), which just adds to the time it takes to parse and optimize. On the other hand, once a statement is parsed, reusing it is blindingly fast in comparison. So in the case or Oracle, prepared statements are used ALL THE TIME, frankly, often you see prepared statements with bind variables being used even if you are to execute a statement just once, and this is sometimes faster than just running a single statement with the data being part of the statement, the way we mostly do it with MySQL.

So, what is the Array Interface then? This is an extension to PRO* and is also available with OCI (everything is available in OCI) that allows you to so what Ronald Bradford described in his blog, i.e. inserting multiple rows with one statement. But the Array interface does this differently, the INSERT statement looks the same, the difference is on the API side of things. What you do is to parse you statement as:
But when you bind the ? parameter, you bind it to an array of integers, and when you execute the statement, you tell Oracle how many array records to process. This is very fast, the speedup provided, compared to executing N separate INSERT statement, is at least as big as it is with MySQL using the array interface, actually higher (As Oracle is typically not that good at executing many small statements).

Which is the better way of dealing with arrays then? If you ask me, I have a slight preference for Oracle, and let me tell you why: With MySQL, arrays are only available in this shape and form for INSERT statements, for obvious reasons. With Oracle, the same array interface is applicable also for UPDATE, DELETE and (don't hold your breath), SELECT! Yes, you can allocate an array of N rows, and then tell Oracle to fetch N rows at the time, again this is way faster than fetching row-by-row (on the other hand, the way data is fetched is very different between MySQL and Oracle. MySQL will always materialize a dataset somewhere (now I am talking API datasets, I know are many materializations going on inside MySQL also, before we reach the protocol), where as Oracle will typically not do this, at least not on the Client side of things (if this is good or bad is a different issue).

Another advantage, if you ask me, of the Oracle way of doing things, is the the SQL statement itself is intact. The disadvantages are at least two:
  • You have to use bind variables.
  • The API is a bit complex.
So, all in all, I like the idea that MySQL has some kind of array interface. The optimal would be to have an API array interface AND a SQL based (like MySQL) array interface. But maybe I'm just dreaming.



Didier Spezia said...

I agree: array interfaces are very useful. But there is something Oracle and OCI do not support: the capability to use array interfaces for both input and output data at the same time ... It would be very useful to efficiently retrieve a set of data corresponding to a set of key. I believe this is linked to the fact Oracle does not support for multiple result-sets.

dbscience said...

One reasons it takes Oracle longer to generate a plan is the Oracle plan is generally superior to the MySQL plan, which results in less of a need for hints. Another reason is Oracle has more permutations to consider, like hash joins and histograms.

I suspect MySQL will also take longer to optimize as it adds more features.

Unknown said...

I disagree with what Didier Spezia said. It is of course possible, in OCI, to use array interface for both input and output data...
Oracle support multiple resultsets with its SQL features 'returning into'...

Didier Spezia said...

@vince.rogier: you are right about the "returning into" ... but Oracle still does not support multiple result-sets in the sense other databases does. The "returning into" trick only works with array interface when you know the maximum number of rows that will be returned. If multiple rows per key are returned, it does not work anymore ...

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Much of the time, cash app clients don't have a bank account and they wish to find regarding How to get money off the cash app without bank account. This is a worry among the cash app customer and they continue to look for the strategies. However, they can start the cycle by tapping on my cash app choice and by moving the sum to their solid contact list. Cash app customers may likewise decide to take help from cash app administration leaders for a problem free cycle.

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I Need to know how to delete cash app account history?

Are you attempting how to delete your cash app account history in the event that you are doing as such then you have come to the right way to know about erasing a cash app account's history. To know how to delete the history of a cash app account you need to do only a tick on this given connection and from that point onward, you will get the strategy to delete a cash app account's history.

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When Does Cash App Direct Deposit Hit And Let You Get Your Paycheck?

Do you want to be aware of When Does Cash App Direct Deposit Hit? Is it the right mode of fetching the right source of information and support under the supervision of professionals? Here, they will provide you with the professionals and experts who will make you aware of the right troubleshooting professionals.

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Can Someone Hack Your Cash App With Just Your Username? Get a Guide

To understand Can Someone Hack Your Cash App With Just Your Username or not, you need to get yourself a professional guide as immediately as possible. However, if you are wandering for the same, you should approach the professionals who will help you to understand the overall scenario easily.

jamandrew957 said...

Will Cash App refund money if scammed-find it quickly?

Usage of the cash app has brought tremendous changes in the transactional system. People like it as it allows them to send and receive money with just a few clicks. But on the other hand, the rise in the scam has created embarrassing concerns for users. Some of them have them want to realize that will Cash App refund money if scammed. Scammers usually connect to the cash app users with the assurance of providing them with extra beneficial benefits.

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How to get back money from the cash app with no issues?

If cash app users search for How do I get my money back from cash App? then it is itself a problem, to overcome this, they will require carrying out the tips that have been designed to manage such kind of requirement through the cans app. They simply have to launch the cash app account and go with the late process to get their money back.

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Get total guidance on How to activate cash app card?

Initiating a cash app card can be troublesome assuming the client knows nothing about the right advances. Henceforth, we are assisting customers with knowing the total strides on How to activate cash app card? To realize then you need to contact our help places and get some information about it. They will give you complete data how to activate cash card without a hitch.

James Smith said...

Cash App Support Number: A Mode Of Contacting Troubleshooting Geeks.

Are you searching for the right communication medium to get in touch with the experts to deal with the problems with your Cash App account? Once you approach these geeks through Cash App Support Number, you will be able to fetch the right assistance to fix your hurdles at the comfort of your home.

Re0664059 said...

How Might I Get My Money Refund, If I Face Cash App Dispute Payment

Cash app dispute payment is extortion with the Cash app and by and large can't be dropped.
The activity is like a word related dropping:
Open the movement on your Cash application.
Observe the payment you need to reimburse.
From that point onward, Touch the three specks in the upper right corner.
Select Restore.
Click OK to begin the recuperation demand.

Re0664059 said...

Does Cash App Show My Phone Number? Find Accurate Solution From here.

Especially, the cash app requests that number confirm the record however it does not show the client number while exchange and clients account. So assuming you are one of them who are apprehensive and need to know Does Cash App Show My Phone Number? Then, at that point, don’t stresses over this is on the grounds that the cash app consistently deals with client security and because of this never attempt to uncover any delicate data that prompts mischief to its client.

James Smith said...

How do I dispute a transaction on Cash App? If Money Has Been Sent Wrongly?

Are you one of those individuals why should wandering bring the total information and details about Cash App Dispute You have just to navigate through the official assistance page of the Cash App where you have to locate the Cash App Dispute interface that you have to tap on it.

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How do I get my money back from cash App? Follow the entire Instruction
Most of the cash app users have questioned How do I get my money back from cash App? If you too have the same then do not worry this page will redirect you an accurate page where you can grab the entire information in one go. Like other P2P transfer applications, Cash App completes transactions at lightning speed. This makes it a convenient and easy way to send money between your friends. But things aren’t all sunshine and rainbows.

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Acknowledge straightforward approaches to activate cash app card from versatile application:
Accepting you are using a cash app strangely, you might stand up to inconvenience in starting a cash app card. In the present circumstance, we propose you contact our customer administration bunch for heading. Our specialists will help you with activate cash app card through basic undertakings. Moreover they will illuminate you concerning the upsides of using this card to make portions.

Re0664059 said...

Resolve The Problem Of cash App Dispute payment With Cash App Support
Try not to share individual data, for example, your cash pin or access code. Cash Support won't ever request that you give your pass code, PIN, or other classified data, for example, your financial balance data. Cash App Help won't request that you cash app dispute payment send cash and applications, make buys, download applications for "remote access", or make any exchange "preliminary".

Re0664059 said... genuine hotspot for arrangement administrations

Each cash application clients stress over having a genuine hotspot for arrangement administration. In this manner, they might look for it by composing the on the program they are utilizing. This is the most reasonable method for getting to the cash application chief and ask the arrangement procedures in a split second. Since there is no impediment of the issues,, it keeps in occurring with cash pp and henceforth picking the right strategies is important.

Re0664059 said...

How To Deactivate Cash App If You Don’t Want To Continue The Services?
Are you one of those users who are looking to deactivate your Cash App account? Do you want to know How To Deactivate Cash App without any hassle? For that, you have to take aid from the Cash App support engineers who will assist you out to get your Cash App account deactivated.

jamandrew957 said...

How do I get my money back from cash App? Adhere to the Entire Instruction
The greater part of the cash app clients have questioned that How do I get my money back from cash App? If you also have a similar then do not stress this page will redirect you a precise page where you can get the entire information in one go. Like other P2P move applications, Cash App finishes transactions at lightning speed. This makes it a convenient and simple method for sending money between your friends. However, things aren't all sunshine and rainbows.

jamandrew957 said...

Will Cash App refund money if scammed? Refund Money Process
As Scammers are meandering around us that is the reason the vast majority of the clients who are getting to cash app administrations are continually willing to realize that Will Cash App refund money if scammed? All things considered, let me let you know that, in the event that you're managing a real trader and the buy was finished over Cash App, you should begin the refund interaction through the app. Getting exact data about this then, at that point, should follow gave interface.

jamandrew957 said...

Does Cash App Show My Phone Number On Your Cash App Dashboard?
Most of those users who have recently set up a Cash App account want to know Does Cash App Show My Phone Number or not. Those who want to clarify the concerns must keep the fact in mind that Cash App doesn’t show your phone number as it is completely against the Cash App policy.

jamandrew957 said...

How To Activate Cash App Card For Using All Its Services And Facilities?
Are you one who wants to be aware of How To Activate Cash App Card in a proper manner? For that, you have to get in touch with Cash App professionals or go to the official Cash App help section. All you need to do is to ask the support and help from the geeks regarding the same.

Re0664059 said...

Can Someone Hack Your Cash App With Your Name Or Not? Take Aid

Do you want to take assistance from the Cash App specialists who will make you understand about how Can Someone Hack Your Cash App With Your Name? For the complete information and guidelines, you will need to place a call at the official help and support section at anytime from anywhere.

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Determine How Can Someone Hack Your Cash App With Your Username?

Do you want to find out the right information and supervision about Can Someone Hack Your Cash App With Your Username or not? All you need to do is to pick a cell phone and dial a phone number which will help you to get in touch with Cash App specialists without having to face any difficulties.

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How To Get Money Off Cash App Without Card Or Bank Account In A Hassle-Free Manner?

Do you want to be aware of How to Get Money off Cash App without Card or Bank Account? To clarify your doubts and hurdles permanently from the root, you have to first determine the right guidance and support so that you will be able to get rid of all such happenings and problems.

Re0664059 said...

How To Get Money Off Cash App If You Want Urgent Deposit?

If you are one of those who want to deposit your money directly from your Cash App account to your linked bank account, you must be aware of How To Get Money Off Cash App. For that, you have to get expert’s guidance and support by approaching Cash App customer support department.

Re0664059 said...

How to get money off the cash app without a card productively?
Productive strategies should be applied with regards to how to get money off the cash app without card. Now and then, cash app clients might need to deal with their financial viewpoint without a cash app card. All things considered; they will require executing a portion of the significant advances explicitly intended for taking out the money from the cash app without a cash app card.
How to get money off the cash app without a card productively?
Productive strategies should be applied with regards to how to get money off the cash app without card. Now and then, cash app clients might need to deal with their financial viewpoint without a cash app card. All things considered; they will require executing a portion of the significant advances explicitly intended for taking out the money from the cash app without a cash app card.

Re0664059 said...

How do I contact Facebook Customer Service with an issue?

To report that something is not working: you must need to contact Facebook customer service. Firstly, Log in to Facebook on your computer. Click on the top right of Facebook. Select Help and support, then select Report a problem and follow the on-screen instructions. However, you need to contact our website for more help.

James Smith said...

How To Unfreeze Cash App Account If Get Freeze Unnecessarily?

Is your Cash App account frozen due to some security or any other reasons? Do you want to unfreeze your Cash App account without wasting your account? For that, you have to go the Cash App help section as quickly as possible to understand How to Unfreeze Cash App Account in a proper manner.

Evakai said...

How Do I Activate Your Card By Scanning Cash App QR Code?
Do you want to activate your Cash App card to unlock all its services and features? First, you have to scan the Cash App QR Code to get the details of the card automatically. If everything goes in the right direction, you will be able to activate your Cash App card with optimum ease.

avahope said...

How To Delete Cash App Account Without Any Kind Of Hassle?
To proceed with the administrations of the Cash App to address your issues and prerequisites, you should take help from the Cash App support engineers who will explain
How to Delete Cash App Account. For additional updates and data, allude to the assistance module of the Cash App support!

James Smith said...

How To Unfreeze Cash App Account If Get Freeze Unnecessarily?

Is your Cash App account frozen due to some security or any other reasons? Do you want to unfreeze your Cash App account without wasting your account? For that, you have to go the Cash App help section as quickly as possible to understand How to Unfreeze Cash App Account ​in a proper manner.

Re0664059 said...

Proficient steps for how can I recover my Facebook account?

Knowing about the proficient steps for how can I recover Facebook account is necessary today. The issues with the Facebook account are the common aspect and hence users have to face unexpected problems. But they can take the solution measure quickly by getting in touch with Facebook representatives. They are well qualified in terms of offering the best solution service.

Evakai said...

Can I Get To Know About The Process To Activate Cash App Card?
Don’t you know the default process to Activate Cash App Card in a trouble-free manner? At the official Cash App support and help page, you will be able to find out the right process along with the feasible steps. If you implement the process correctly, you will be able to get your Cash App visa card activated with ease.

James Smith said...

For rectification of cash app account recovery problem, call experts

Whenever you face problem of cash app account recovery, try to contact our cash app support team. Through certified technical specialists, you’ll be able to know about solving the problems. Get the answers to the technical queries from techies. Feel free to call our technical team anytime of the day.

kevin1996andrew said...

Get the help group with
The main thing is to know the method for getting to the office. They can undoubtedly converse with the cash application chief fast arrangement administrations. The work to get the issues settled ought to be the correct way as opposed to wandering to a great extent. The unforeseen issues happen during the arrangement approach due to having no clue. So cash application clients need to become familiar with the right techniques to stay away from the issues.

Re0664059 said...

Facebook Support offers technical help to FB users

Whenever you get hit by technical concerns, consider seeking Facebook Support. Ask the solution of your technical problem from the team of the technical team anytime. Whether it is about selling on the marketplace or blocking someone, every user will get an instant solution from the FB support team.

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