Friday, May 27, 2011

And on a completely different note.. Potatoes..

At MySQL I think I once instituted something which became sort of a tradition. If you are not a current or former MySQLer, the rest of this post may not be too interesting, and possibly it's not that interestying in the general sense either. But as I no longer work for MySQL, and many other MySQLers who remember this are also former MySQLers today, I use this medium, my blog, for this years review of the #1 swedish delicatessen, Swedish New Potatoes. And yes, I am aware that this has little to do with the MySQL product, although it does have something to do with the culture of the old MySQL (i.e. you could email company-wide about potatoes and still keep your job).

So, what about this years new potatoes? They are kinda early this year, it's not even June yet, and I had my first last night. Newly, and lightly, boiled, eaten with some butter and a pinch of salt. The verdict? In potato-technical terms, the term is Yummy! This exquisite little vegetable really made my day yeasterday!

So, yes, Potatotes are still good, even at Recorded Future. And by the way, I hope to keep my job here, despite the potatoes...



hingo said...

1) This is 100% on topic.
2) You're indeed early this year. In Finland I expect it will be close to Midsummer to catch up.

Max said...

Good posting Anders.

I'm looking forward to going to the Nordics in a few weeks to have some of the delicous potatoes.

Matthew Montgomery said...

Nice! Despite drought conditions here a variety of peppers are starting out nicely. I still expect a couple months before any harvest, but when I do... truckloads.