Monday, June 13, 2011

Database cleaning made easy: MyCleaner 1.2 released

I have released MyCleaner 1.2 today and it is avaiable for download from sourceforge, as is the documentation pdf as usual. This version includes a whole bunch of new features, to allow different kinds of database cleaning operations than before. In this case, using this program is not terribly unique, it just a multi-threaded SQL runner. The noce thing is to allow you to use the same program for all your database cleaning needs.

In addition to this, this version has better statistics printout, better control og logging and a whole bunch of minor features.

Cleaning has never been easier or more fun than now! Also, when not used, MyCleaner will conveniently fold and fit under your bed :-)


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Karlsson said...

For those of you using myCleaner, I made a minor change to the code and just posted version 1.2.1 of it.