Thursday, September 9, 2010

MyQuery 3.3.0 problems about to be fixed.

If you have tested MyQuery 3.3.0 and have problems with a dialog poping up saying that the "application configuration is incorrect", then I am working on this. The reason for this problem is that I now use Visual Stuio 2008 for building, and now Microsoft insists on things such as manifests and stuff. To be frank, insisting on manifests isn't necessarily a bad thing, actually it's pretty cool. The issue is that when there is a problem with them, the messages you get from Windows are, well, less helpful.
In the message you get when you try to run MyQuery probably says nothing about the manifest or anything. In my mind, it should. Also, if you link dynamcically with the Microsoft redistributable DLLs, then you want manifests for those also. Ah well. I am working on it anyway.
I will move to a new VS 2008 generated project, instead of migrating the old as I did before, and build a new distribution. As far as I can see, this will fix these problems and will also create a better, more clean, project. I'll release a 3.3.1 version later today with these fixes in it.


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