Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Whoa! MyQuery 3.3.0 Beta Released at last!

After a long wait, today I release MyQuery 3.3.0. For you who haven't seen MyQuery before, this is a Windows based interactive query tool for MySQL (sorry no Mac or Linux support this time) . The emphasis is much on script editing and running, and on the needs of the DBA, more than on the end user. Also, for the database designer, there is some cool stuff in here.

MyQuery supports running scripts up to a specific point in the script, or starting from a specific point and supports a kind of "edit and continue", so you can develop a script, run it til it breaks, correct the error, and then continue where you left off.

That is not all, after all these releases MyQuery has gained quite a few useful features. Script editing is done with the Scintilla color coded editor for examples, and there are tools for managing database objects such as tables, views and events.

Every release of MyQuery has a theme, and MyQuery 3.3.0 has a very distinct theme: Extensibility. There is now support for adding your own favoutite SQL SELECT or Scripts to a user defined tools menu. And that is not all, there are many more types of tool that you can define, from opening a web link in a browser to running code in a specified DLL, using the new MyQuery Plugin API.

The main new features in summary are:
  • The User defined tools feature
  • The MyQuery Plugin API
  • A login dialog which now supports saved login settings for different servers
  • MySQL Cluster / NDB monitoring through User tool plugin
  • InnoDB Lock tree monitoring through a User tool plugin
  • Several bugfixes
This is still a beta version. It is hence feature complete, but I know there is a bug or two, in particular the plugin API (which is an advanced feature which required a fair amount of refactoring to work). Feedback is welcome!

I will write a few more blogposts here to describe some 3.3 details, such as the InnoDB Lock tree monitor, the NDB Monitor, the Plugin API and things like this, but for now, just download the thing and enjoy! As usual it's available on Sourceforge:


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