Thursday, September 9, 2010

MyQuery 3.3.1 releases - Fixes MyQuery 3.3.0 platform issues

I have released MyQuery 3.3.1 now. This is a minor release in many ways, but still significant in others. MyQuery 3.3.0 had issues on platforms where the runtime library I used wasn't installed. Also, there was a minor (but crashing) bug that caused Ndb Monitor to fail. All this, and a few other minor things, are fixed now.

I will eventually blog a bit more on the new features in MyQuery 3.3, such as the plugins, the InnoDB Lock monitor and how to easily define your own monitor dialogs with a simple SELECT statement.

Til then, download MyQuery 3.3 from Sourceforge.

And by the way, I'm sorry that I failed some QA with version 3.3.0, but it's just me coding away here, and I have a limited amount of machines and above all, time.

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