Friday, April 24, 2009

Final thoughts on the MySQL User Conference

I am pretty happy with how the MySQL User Conference developed, considering the announcement earlier in the week. As I have blogged before, I don't mind working for a database company, that's where I have my roots (or root as in -u root) after all. I actually saw very few effects of the announcement during the whole week.

Both talk I did, on libmysqld and on HA with MySQL together with Robert Krzykawski, went very well. The first had a small, but interested, audience, the latter was pretty full with people that also seemed interested. Robert did a stellar job of presenting what bwin games did in practice to achieve High Availability with MySQL, what technologies they looked at and what they eventually ended up with, and how those choices were made and what went well and what didn't turn out so good.

I am pretty tired today, and I will spend most of the weekend traveling back to Sweden, so I deserve a half-day or so off, so I will spend Friday afternoon at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, which will be fun and interesting. Tomorrow, Saturday, morning I will be a SFO and I will be in Sweden Sunday morning at 7:45.

You think I will relax on Sunday? No way, José! Sunday evening in Stockholm, I am off to my local hangout Akkurat in Stockholm to see the old Swedish progressive music band Dag Vag, and have a few beers. Now we are speaking proper, unpasteurized, unfiltered English ales, and none of that cascade loaded pasteurized stuff I get in the US (which in itself isn't bad, I just have had too much of it for a while).

Who is not allowed (by the SEC) to comment on the fact that he might be an Oracle employee again


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