Sunday, April 19, 2009

In Santa Clara now, reaady fo the MySQL User Conference

It's time for the MySQL User Conference now in just a day or so, I have my talks ready, and I been rehearsing them and doing some final editing last week. Except for all the good talks, and meetings with old friends and MySQL expert from inside and outside of Sun, I am also excited to see so many cool things in the Expo.

Most prominent there is the new Storage Engines, like Virident, Kick Fire and InfoBright. Also, we'll see what MySQL has up it's sleves this year (no, I do not know, this will be a surprise for me also). There are many more Storage Engines to look at, including the InnoDB plugin.

A theme here seems to be performance, quite clearly, so we'll see if we have a MySQL Performance shoot-out. It would be cool to benchmark all these software and hardware solutions for MySQL.

Speaking about hardware, I'm also curious to see something more on the Sun Open Storage things. Yes, I know, I work for Sun, but frankly, I know too little about this stuff. The key point of this is, in my mind, the ZFS filesystem, which is WAAAY cool.. Regrettably, ZFS isn't GPL, so we cannot have it on Linux, but I have a campaign to change that.

If you are at the UC, pop by and say hello, if you are not, the continue reading Planet MySQL where most of the blogs from the conference, including mine, are aggregated.

Your just waking up MySQL UC corresondent

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