Wednesday, April 22, 2009

MySQL User Conference - Libmysqld talk done, HA coming up

My talk on libmysqld was yesterday, but I am not off the hook yet, as I still have a talk on Thursday on High Availability with MySQL, this time together with Robert Krzykawski of bWin, who will provide a real-world view on High Availability with MySQL. This is going to be a fun, as I think Robert has some interesting experiences when it comes to High Availability with MySQL running on a large website.

I went to Anthony Curtis talk on an External Stored Procedure framework for MySQL, which was exciting, so I will test this a bit more and I already have a few ideas on use of this framework, for example I would want to use this to create library of functions and procedures to augment development of Stored Procedures with MySQL, to aid new development as well as to easy migration.

Who thinks he works for Oracle today, maybe

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