Saturday, April 18, 2009

User Conference: libmysqld and Real-world HA

I am now in San Francisco, tomorrow I'll be leaving town for Santa Clara and the MySQL User conference. If you are at the conference, say hello and if there is anything you want to talk to me about, do so, I'll spend my time out and about at the conference.
I am involved in 2 talks:
  • On Tuesday at 11:55 I am doing an introduction to libmysqld. If have not used libmysqld, and are interested in what it is and how it can be used, pop by this talk. I will also demo a small libmysqld application, so you know what can be done. It's actually pretty cool.
  • On Thursday at 11:55, me and Robert Krzykawski from bWin are to present some real-world experiences with HA for MySQL. I will do an introductory talk here, with some HA for MySQL basics, and then Robert will tell you about the real world. bWin games is a big user of MySQL and has quite a load on their systems, so Robert knows what he is talking about!
So that will be fun, I look forward to doing both of those talks, and welcome to listen and talk to us.

Traveling to CA this year brought a pleasant surprise for me. I usually fly SAS coming here, and my preferred route is through Chicago. I have been on this particular flight many times. And although I think SAS is an OK carrier, they have been behind some of the others in one aspects: beer. Bad beer is an old story with SAS, and anyone who has been on these flight with me knows that I usually point this out, and I have also emailed SAS on this important subject.
And lo and behold, someone actually listened! This time, they had a reasonably pleasant Danish high-quality lager available from a small brewery!

So all in all, things are looking bright. The expo at the show looks like it will have some good exhibitors with some interesting products. If you really REALLY want to talk to me, ask around at the MySQL booth in the expo, or check in the bar for a pony tailed geek with beer in hand. Chances are it is me.

Happy databaseing


Swagger said...

Oh man I wish I was there this year. I O U some beer.


Unknown said...

You sure do :-)