Monday, April 6, 2009

libmysqld demo application

This is not a long blogg posting, I just want to point to the simple libmysqld demo application for Windows that I have created. It's available on sourceforge as as I said, this is Windows only so far. I might well go ahead and do a Linux version of it eventually, but right now, this i sfor windows.
But I don't think that matters much, this is not meant to be a terribly useful application in and of itself, rather, this is a minimal application built to demonstrate a concept.

If you are interested in libmysqld, then have a look at the webinar I did couple of weeks, and if you are at the MySQL User Conference, then pop by my talk on the same subject.

Cheers from the database dude


Vlad said...

I have downloaded the sample and run it but it fails in mysql_library_init
Pls notice that I have built it in VC++ 2008 EE and I should have bypass the afxres.h problem. So I have changed it to windows.h and tweaked IDC_STATIC. Don't think it changes something for mysql.
I have installed mysql 5.1.40
Pls tell me if you have an idea.

Vlad said...

Sorry. It was my mistake - forgot the language.